GIRLS WHO TRAVEL (Penguin Random House)

A hilarious, deftly written debut novel about a woman whose wanderlust is about to show her that sometimes you don’t have to travel very far to become the person you want to be…

Ever since she returned from traveling, serial backpacker Kika Shores has been steeped in misery. Getting back on the road is all she wants. So when she’s offered a nannying job in London, she’s thrilled at the prospect. But as Kika’s about to discover, exhilarating adventures can still happen when you stay in one place . . .

Heartfelt and hilarious, Girls Who Travel (Penguin Random House) is a novel about finding your way to yourself – and the unexpected detours that make the trip truly unforgettable.


“It’s witty, gritty, and full of fun. Kika learns there’s adventure wherever one might travel – even if it means staying in one place. All the description makes you taste adventure and want to experience one for yourself.”
“Though it is a fun, humorous read, ‘Girls Who Travel’ also touches on the dueling metaphorical implications of travel itself–travel as escape, travel as discovery–for growing up. Coming-of-age, that tidy, overused phrase, might just be something that never stops.”
-Bostonia Magazine
“[A] tantalizing beach read you won’t be able to put down”
Self Magazine
“Warning: this book will leave you travel hungry and somewhat dissatisfied with daily life. It’s an enjoyable and light read, absolutely perfect for that long flight abroad.”
-Library Journal
“Adventurous, clever and fun, ‘Girls Who Travel’ is a debut that will undoubtedly land Trilivas on readers’ radars. The author gives us plenty to enjoy: travel, young love, self-discovery and animated characters…Readers won’t let a slightly unrealistic scenario spoil their trip to London alongside Kika, as she and her journey are nothing short of lovable.”
-RTBook Reviews
“This is a great read for young girls who love to travel or love the idea of traveling.”
-World of Wanderlust
“Regardless of whether or not you’re a world-traveler or literary enthusiast, ‘Girls Who Travel’ is for anyone who wants a refreshing, bold story to enjoy.”
-Daily Free Press
“Trilivas presents a fresh, tightly written, and hilarious adventure, complete with love triangles and a foul-mouthed heroine. Readers will enjoy the balance between the protagonist’s free-spirited adventures and the realization that sometimes the path to finding yourself is just around the corner.”
-Booklist Reviews