It’s Already Christmas In London

by Nicole Trilivas

There’s no Thanksgiving in Europe because, you know, there were no pilgrims and Indians to make peace and break (corn)bread. No turkey. No cornucopias or decorative gourds. And nothing to be thankful for. Just kidding.

The upside of this is that without Thanksgiving to worry about, London is rushing full speed ahead toward Christmas. The lights are up on Oxford Street and Covent Garden is virtual shit storm of festive cheer. From now until Christmas, there’s even a live reindeer for all your petting pleasure (Saturdays, 12-4pm).

The holiday spirit rubbed off on me and I just had my first minced pie of the season. Confession: When I first got to England, I thought minced pies were actually filled with meat. (So glad I was wrong.)

Photo source unknown (found on Pinterest)

Photo source unknown (found on Pinterest)

I’m debating whether or no to do a British Thanksgiving next weekend. It’s basically a battle of gluttony vs laziness. I’ll keep you posted on which of the deadly sins wins out.

In the meantime, enjoy the holiday spirit–regardless of which holiday you’re celebrating.

XO Nicole