Back to Work

by Nicole Trilivas



It’s so nice to be home! (And I can’t believe that England is my home now that I have a visa.) I feel right back into my routine. It feels like I never left which is nice. My fingers are desperate to be writing, but I haven’t yet found a plot line to follow. I like to outline first, but perhaps I should just jump right in? I don’t know.

Career-wise, I think I should be working on a follow-up to Girls Who Travel. Something contemporary, romantic, and about travel. I have an idea about a backpacker, but I’m not sure it has the legs to be a whole novel. Maybe I should write it as a short story. Then I have a few other ideas (a study abroad plot), but nothing feels substantial enough. Regardless, it’s time to start writing. I’m going to start Monday, regardless of my story line. Scary, but onward I must go.

XO Nicole