Why All Writers Should Listen To Audiobooks

by Nicole Trilivas


My latest bookish obsession in audiobooks. It all started on a long, long bus trip from Long Island to New Hampshire: I needed something to occupy my time, and I get car sick if I try to read. So I downloaded the audiobook of Alissa Nutting’s Tampa (holy explicitness, batman!). But that book made the excruciating trip go by so fast. (SIDE BAR: It also created a seriously awkward moment when my headphones pulled free from my phone and the audiobook was suddenly aloud for everyone to hear. I wanted to yell, “It’s not erotica, it’s highbrow fiction, I swear!”)

Recently my sister and I took a road trip, and we had downloaded Amanda Knox’s memoir, and we literally were excited to get back into the car just to hear more. Moral of the story? Audiobooks are fun, cinematic, and addicting!

But they’re also important too. I found myself taking writerly notes in my head while listen to the written word read aloud. Listening to fiction (as opposed to just reading it), really underscores cadence, rhythm, and flow of the language.

Writer’s are constantly told to read their works aloud to see how it sounds. I would add, listening to other’s work read aloud. All writers should try audiobooks.

Happy writing!

XO Nicole