New Week, New Attitude

by Nicole Trilivas

Good morning, friends! Who’s excited about the new Royal Baby? I am! The way I see it, there’s enough crappy news in the world that it’s nice to come together over a happy event. And the birth of a child is such a singular, purely happy event.

Anyway, this is my last week before my New England vacation (I leave on Thurs.), so for the next three days, I’m going to try and stay very focused and get a lot done. My goals for today are as follows:

  • Get an update on my contract from Penguin (last I heard, my agent has been revising it so I’m thinking I’ll see it soon) ***squee sounds here***
  • Edit at least 3 of existing articles and re-submit
  • Complete 2 new articles on spec
  • Touch base with the advertising agency I freelance for
  • Get some boring “housekeeping” done (i.e. schedule doc appointments, pack, etc.)

Lastly, in the most mild way, I’ve started mentally thinking about a new novel or novella. I have a basic plot idea, but I need to think it about more to see if it has legs. It’s sort of a Girls Who Travel spin off, but involving totally new characters. We’ll see.

Happy writing to all and here’s to a productive week!

XO Nicole