September Always Feels Like The New Year…

by Nicole Trilivas

Even though it’s been years since September marked the start of the school year, autumn still feels like the beginning for me. There’s something about the fresh new air that blows away the slow summer rot. There is a crispness in apples, the leaves, and the light.

I’m happy to spend some of the fall in America, especially the Northeast. Next week I’ll be up in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine for a wedding. In New England, the leaves have already started to change colors and the nights are cool enough to require cosy sweater. My boyfriend is flying in from London to join me, and since we’ve been apart for nearly three months (visa stuff, the bane of all international couples), the reunion feels even more like a new start.

I’m excited to start the new season in this way: with an overdue reunion with my boyfriend and old friends. To future things!