by Nicole Trilivas

“Words bounce. Words, if you let them, will do what they want to do and what they have to do.”

― Anne Carson, Autobiography of Red

I love words.

I love words.


Words have been good to me. Especially on the page. Words are luxurious. When my heart aligns with my brain and my fingers (and the cosmos),  and the perfect sentence–a string of words–springs from me fully-formed–that right there is all there is. I love words. I love how they’re playful, and how you can trip up on them. How they create unintended consequences. I love their power. The quick wit of an internal rhyme; the lyric or line of the poem that can stop you dead in your tracks. I am a player of words, a tamer of words, an arranger, and curator. I am a searcher of the perfect word at the perfect place. I am a weaver of words, a wearer of words, a user and abuser of words. I am a lover of words.