Writing Tip: Cross Train

by Nicole Trilivas

Professional athletes cross train: runners lift weights, and weight lifters run. They understand that using different muscle groups can help their overall athletic performance.

My writing tip today is to cross train. Don’t just write in your genre. (When I say this I’m speaking to both myself and you.) I am by intuition a novelist: I naturally enjoy tinkering away on longer works and taking my time with something. But this is exactly why I’m blogging right now. I need to train my writer’s brain to think in shorter, terse, non fictional prose. When you blog you must get to the point quickly. There is rarely time for the veil of metaphor or the time to write and rewrite a simple post.

So this is me cross training. I am teaching my novelist self to write non fiction; short confessional memoir essays; and jazzy little listicles. I recommend you try to do the same.

Happy writing!

XO Nicole 

This is a pic of me running. HHAAHHAHA. No, no it's not.

This is a pic of me running. HHAAHHAHA. No, no it’s not.