I Have Over Half A Million Reads On Wattpad!!!

by Nicole Trilivas

Yes, that gets no less than three exclamation marks! The abridged, short-story version of GIRLS WHO TRAVEL, recently broke 500,000 reads on Wattpad. (The exact number of reads is 508,867.)

This couldn’t come as a perfect time, as my agent is submitting GIRLS WHO TRAVEL to publishing houses, and I really needed a boost of confidence since the process is nerve-wrecking. When I hear that over half a million people read my story, it just proves to me that it IS marketable, that people truly like it and want it. That it just has to have a place in the world!

I’m so grateful for all the reads and the wonderful comments that my followers leave me asking me for more! And there is so much more: A WHOLE NOVEL MORE!

My fingers, as always, remain tightly crossed.

XO Nicole

Reads, reads, so many reads!

Reads, reads, so many reads!