Writer’s Tools: Twitter and #MSWL

by Nicole Trilivas

Are you a writer? Yes? And are you on Twitter? Like actively on it? No? Well git on it.

It’s incredibly helpful if you’re looking for an agent. Be sure to follow and/or look at their backlog of tweets before querying them. Agents often post about what they’re looking for in manuscripts and query letters, etc., and what they’re not looking for. Also, they use the #MSWL (manuscript wish list hashtag) to give pretty comprehensive descriptions of what they want right here and right now. This could be used as a great opening line in a query letter.

Example: “I follow you on Twitter and I noticed you were looking for more new adult (Aug 31 #MSWL tweet) so I thought you may be interested in…”

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 10.50.41 AM

More helpful hashtags for writers to be aware of:

#Pitmad or #pitmadness is a pitch party on Twitter where writers tweet a 140 character pitch for their completed manuscripts. See the full rules here: http://www.brenda-drake.com/pitmad/

#askagent in which you can ask agents questions. Lit agent, Juliet Mushens (@mushenska) does one every Sunday night

#ya, #na, #mg or whatever your genre is

#amwriting or #writing for general inspiration

Bonus Tip: You must follow Cupid for Writers (@CupidsLC) “An undercover cupid who specializes in bringing talented writers together with astounding literary agents in not so romantical BUT magical ways.” They always are doing great things on twitter to hook you up

Lastly, feel free to follow me! I tweet about writing and traveling mainly. @NicoleTrilivas