NA Book Review: DEEPER by Robin York

by Nicole Trilivas

Robin York's DEEPER

Robin York’s DEEPER

I recently devoured (I read it in a day and half) DEEPER by Robin York: a new adult contemporary about a college girl trying to put her life back together after being attacked online–and the unexpected boy who helps her along the way. This is book one of a two part series.

Cutting to the chase: I really enjoyed it. You should read it. It’s everything New Adult should be: timely, college age-accurate, and sexy.

The issue that good girl protag (protagonist), Caroline, faces is troublingly realistic: Naked pictures of her appear online causing the destruction of her carefully crafted good girl life. But from the ashes and the scraps, her true character evolves. Of course not without the support and distraction of the handsome bad boy, West.

West is a well-defined character in his own right. Much of NA is written from the female perspective and their male counterparts sometimes feel like one-dimensional Manic Pixie Dream Boys. But West has his own issues and dimensions and abilities other than to “prince-charm.” In fact, West is a protag  in his own right: his voice switches with Caroline’s throughout the book in a first person narration.

York’s writing is without fault. She writes in short clear sentences. Usually in sets of threes. She uses the comments of internet trolls throughout the book as a sort of mean Greek chorus, which never lets us forget the grave impact that these photos have on Caroline’s psyche. The dialogue is easy and natural, and the chemistry between Caroline and West is unforced.

Because it’s NA we gotta talk about the sex. The book is erotic without being sleazy or gratuitous. The sex scenes–written in first person (which is not easy) are fluid. And the ending gives you enough of conclusion to satisfy you, while also keeping you interested in the second part.

All in all, I was wildly impressed. Be sure to check it out on amazon.