I Won Wattpad’s Marian Keyes Contest!

by Nicole Trilivas

So I’ve been working on new book, which I’ve been calling GIRLS WHO TRAVEL–a travel-inspired rom-com. It’s a big departure from my  previous books, which have been rather dark and moody–just like me! (Just kidding. Sort of). I was slightly concerned about writing a more commercial book–would it feel like I was selling out? But the departure has been a welcomed one. I realized that writing happier stories made me, well, happier. It seems like an obvious correlation, but I didn’t anticipate it.

In a lovely strike of grace and luck I got some good news, which I took as a sort of cosmic confirmation that I was on the right track. I adapted a portion of GIRLS WHO TRAVEL into a short story for Wattpad’s short story contest and I was so  happy to hear that best-selling author Marian Keyes chose me as the winner!

Check out my story here!

Also, you should check out my favorite book of Ms. Keyes: The Brightest Star in the Sky

Marian keyes short story contest