The Haunting White Chalk Cliffs of Eastbourne, UK

by Nicole Trilivas

Undulating green meadows carpet dramatic white cliffs that steeply plunge into jewel-toned seas. Hiking these parts is but a strange dream. The wind is vicious, and you won’t escape without being awed and silenced by the sheer terror and gasping beauty of nature.

I felt strange walking there, and also sad. There are makeshift crosses along the unfenced cliffs in memorium of those who dove from them–the spot is notorious for suicides. The earliest reports of death come from the 7th century. What an absolutely terrifying way to die, I think, but then the poet in me muses, “What a beautiful, last thing to see.”

The wind drags tears from your eyes regardless of what you’re there to do: jump or admire the view. The haunting beauty will break your heart. May the lighthouse guide you back home–wherever that may be.