Moving Countries (for the sixth time)

by Nicole Trilivas

In about a month I am going to be moving countries again. This is the sixth time I’m moving countries in about six years, and that is in no way a complaint. I am very much living the life I chose for myself when I left my cushy advertising job to be a bohemian writer. Screw the money. Fuck it. I left because I didn’t love it. This is what I love (minus the misspelling):

And this is what I believe; this is our birthright; and our responsibility:

anthony bourdain quotes

So here I am: about to leave again, to fling myself to the far off corners of the dusty earth because it’s what I do. I am trying to not to be sad about leaving: there are so many good memories. But I can always return, and even though it won’t be the same (chasing ghosts is never advised), it will be another great adventure.