Margaret Cho Fiercely Refuses to Turn the Other Cheek (Sadie Magazine)

by Nicole Trilivas

Posted on January 26th, 2012

by Nicole Trilivas

It all started with a self-posted twitter pic of Margaret Cho’s behind, showing off some new tats. General praise followed—save for two mean comments. What happened next was something rarely displayed in the public eye: a woman unleashing raw, undiffused anger. Instead of turning the other cheek, Ms. Cho lashed back by not only blocking the users, but also by constructing a masterfully moving argument on her blog rife with soul-crushing evidence from the brutal torment of her youth. It hits you like a slap, but it’s so invigorating and powerful to see a woman stand-up to these hateful adult internet bullies, and express deep-seated rage against what she calls a “slow genocide:”

“You criticize a woman’s body—and young girls see it, you murder us all inside,” tweets Cho.

Her response is not PR-approved, proper, or polite, but we wouldn’t want it any other way.