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I Got My Book’s Release Date!

It’s going to be December 2015! It feels like for-ev-er away, but it will give me lots of time to write, right? Also, a December release sounds fun! And it’s my birthday month after all.


My agent loves to tell me how slow the publishing industry is. That’s just the way it goes. Even after verbally confirming the deal in mid July, I only just signed the contract in October, and will deliver my book in January 2015 for the December 2015 release. Sure it’s not fast, but it’s slow and steady. That’s been my whole rhythm with this writing thing, I realize. It hasn’t been quick, but I’m still getting there.

Happy Writing!

XO Nicole 


The Pleasant Thing

This photograph is not mine. I believe it can be attributed to Flickr user: Flüchtig hingemachte Männer

This photograph is not mine. I believe it can be attributed to Flickr user: Flüchtig hingemachte Männer

A Series of Interesting Guesses


And Later…


Arts & Crafts

arts and crafts

I just had way too much fun drawing up the new header image for my blog. Adults so rarely get to do anything crafty. It feels like a damn shame.

On Authenticity

Cary tennis quote


Why All Writers Should Listen To Audiobooks


My latest bookish obsession in audiobooks. It all started on a long, long bus trip from Long Island to New Hampshire: I needed something to occupy my time, and I get car sick if I try to read. So I downloaded the audiobook of Alissa Nutting’s Tampa (holy explicitness, batman!). But that book made the excruciating trip go by so fast. (SIDE BAR: It also created a seriously awkward moment when my headphones pulled free from my phone and the audiobook was suddenly aloud for everyone to hear. I wanted to yell, “It’s not erotica, it’s highbrow fiction, I swear!”)

Recently my sister and I took a road trip, and we had downloaded Amanda Knox’s memoir, and we literally were excited to get back into the car just to hear more. Moral of the story? Audiobooks are fun, cinematic, and addicting!

But they’re also important too. I found myself taking writerly notes in my head while listen to the written word read aloud. Listening to fiction (as opposed to just reading it), really underscores cadence, rhythm, and flow of the language.

Writer’s are constantly told to read their works aloud to see how it sounds. I would add, listening to other’s work read aloud. All writers should try audiobooks.

Happy writing!

XO Nicole

On Originality

When I’m coming up with concept for a book, the desire to be original can be paralyzing. I want so desperately to write a story that no one has ever heard before; something wholeheartedly unexpected, and new, and without comparison. For a long time, this thought acted like a boulder in my way: there was no way around it.

But eventually I learned that it was okay to use plot devices that others had used before you. You don’t always have to reinvent the wheel. You can draw on other stories. You can ask yourself, “What would happen if this were a movie?” or “How would [insert inspirational writer here] handle it?”


In my latest book, I draw on classic fairy tales; it is my clay to work with. I like the challenge of morphing the half-ridiculous fairy tale situations (children left in the woods; wolfs in grandmother’s clothing) into believable plot devices. We all need something to work with. We’re not magicians. We’re writers, right?

XO Nicole

The Places Where I Write


This is the writing desk in my childhood bedroom. It’s an old (vintage?) vanity. I decorate the desk with a faux antique globe, a few favorite books, and my little buddhas, who I like to think, bring me good luck.

Since I became a capital “W” Writer, I lived in many places. I used to love to write in the Starbucks* on Princes Street, in Edinburgh, which had a view of the castle. In Dublin, I’d write in the Costa Coffee on Grafton Street. In Sydney, the Starbucks by Hyde Park, with the beautiful green-eye barista who told me I was pretty on the day before I left (though he could have never known). In Cork, I wrote in the public library, shoulder to shoulder with teenagers in blue plaid school uniforms who were always getting shushed. In New York City, I wrote at Irving Farm, which has the best bagels. I wrote most of GIRLS WHO TRAVEL there. And in London? Well, my favorite place is the Starbucks on Holland Park Avenue: it’s right by a French primary school and listening to the children speak French over the folk music created a special din conducive to creativity.

*Say what you will about Starbuck’s coffee, but their coffeehouse are perfect for writers: lots of plugs, good music, and you’ll never, ever get asked to leave even after sitting there too long with the same coffee you bought five hours ago 

Your Baby

“I knew when I was young that if I had to make a choice between being married and being a writer, I would have chosen to be a writer. I think it’s a career where you have to put the career first. I don’t have kids but – and luckily everyone isn’t like this — I think if you have that passion, in a way, your career is your child.”

—Candace Bushnell on Facebook, March 2010

Beyond my next book, there may not be a "baby" in my future. (But maybe there will be a pet!)

Beyond my next book, there may not be a “baby” in my future. (But maybe there will be a pet!)




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